The Black Wind


A powerful monk, possibly an ex-monk as determined through his chaotic behavior.


A monk, head of the abbey in Dreisen.

First encountered in the refuge of Edmond Burlap’s Estate. He later called on The Phoenix Crusaders after finding them in town. After meeting with them for a shot period of time, he asked them to come back later. It was discovered that he had murdered everyone in the local abbey and left a note for Lawrence Petruchio and friends telling them to meet him in the north. He also threatened that he would kill more people if the group did not follow his instructions. After a little delay, the group reached a town farther north and discovered that the the monk had executed his promise leaving the town of 200 dead.

A single survivor told everyone Legend of the Black Wind, the story of the monk from the north who killed all of the members of his abbey and disappeared, only to reappear and cause similar incidents every 5-10 years. On another occasion the group learned that he is known among the common people as “The Black Wind.”