Rough, carefree dwarven rouge


Shlagdir was originally named Perolidgeholdin Brackenvirdonerzish in Dwarven or literally “Heir of the Night Blade.” (his name will change but for the sake of typing and space lets call him Shlagdir through and through) He was the son of an assassin to the one of the 12 royal lords of the Dwarven race. As his son it was his duty to fill his fathers role as his lords dark hand. Shlagdir trained day and night to hone his skills so that it was second nature to hide and kill. Eventually he was put on a team of elite warriors to help diminish the Orc threat. With twisted blades he silently killed sentries and weakened stronger foes as he would direct his team to their overall objective. They never failed a single mission. After a few years the Lord of the kingdom decided that it was time to test Shlagdir. A single target. It was the Warchief of the current band of Orc attacking them. His blood fury was unfathomable and was a great threat to the cities safety. Shlagdir happily accepted his charge and left. He made his way to he front lines where the Dwarven militia was currently being bombarded by the orcs. After a brief talk with the current captain he decided the best way through enemy lines would be to take a side tunnel that was closed off due to flooding. He traveled through, fairly safely and came to where the tunnel branched off to where he was headed. leaving the damp tunnel behind he quickly walked down the dark passage way. It continued to grow smaller and smaller until finally Shlagdir could barely fit it the crack. Unsure if it went all the way through he kept pushing until finally he met a wall. frustrated he pounded his head on the wall slightly. He heard a soft thud in response. Carefully he stuck his dagger into the wall and dug a small peephole. On the other side he saw a unexpected site. He had come to a orc holding cell for some of the dwarves that were caught in rushes. After a while he made a dwarf sized hole in the wall and allowed all the other dwarves to escape. Then he picked the lock and hide along the wall as he decerned his location within the orc encampment. Looking around he saw one dwelling that was surrounded by pikes with the skulls of dwarves scattered round. He assumed this was the warchiefs current home. ensuring his daggers were dipped in spiders venom he moved swiftly and silently into the house. Inside he saw an orc of immense size. He slunk behind him and struck into the orcs back. With a great howl he swung round with such might it knocked Shlagdir into the wall. Back on his feet he went to gouge the orcs throat and as he did that the orcs swung his sword at Shlagdir cutting from his shoulder up through his face. Sure that his poisons would put the beast to rest he retreated back to the holding cell and started running as the tunnel started to grow larger. Eventually he made it back to the city and he was taken into medical for his wounds. While he was there the Dwarven front was overthrown from behind. The orcs had finished the tunnel and were now pouring out of the abandoned tunnel with their warchief standing tall and proud with a dagger protruding out of his back. When Shlagdir and the Lord heard this intense rage came upon the Lord as he called Shlagdir’s father in and commanded him to kill the warchief and any who would try to take his place. With shame on his face the assassin leapt out of the room and sprinted along the alley ways, cutting down any enemy that he saw. He would go from one foe to another spilling blood all across the city. Then he faced the warchief. Both he and the warchief went back and forth exchanging small blows. but slowly the attack pattern of Shlagdir’s father became apparent. He had inscribed a rune of fire and a rune of wind on the giant in the form of cut flesh. Then he went in to hit the giant again but instead of cutting with his blades he put his hands on the orc and the runes lit up and a giant explosion followed. His father had used fire and air to create an explosion killing the leader. After seeing this spectical the Lord had a sigh of relief. and then looked towards Shlagdir. He spoke to Shlagdir saying, “You have failed a task of the highest order and the penalty is Banishment from the Twelve Kingdoms! You will also take upon a new name to yourself. From now on you will be known as Shlagdir, or in common trash, and will forever be called by your new title.” At that point Shlagdir left with his new name and the shame he had. But at the door way the Lord caught him on the head and spoke saying, “I wasnt done. You will not remember any of the reason you are banish either.” And with that Shlagdir woke up in an inn not knowing where he was or what had happened. All he had was a few gold pieces and his dagger. And couldnt remember anything else…