Pip Ferdinand

An ecstatic halfling druid ready for adventure

Pip Ferdinand is a young sheltered boy who was seeking his rebellious brother when he found something else, The Phoenix Crusaders. Pip grew up in a small village called Plentiful Valley with his parents and his hipster brother, Franz Nacht. Pip was always seeking to please his father and his brother Franz Nacht but they never found satisfaction from Pip; Pip also helped tend to the slaves with Franz Nacht. His father, Po Ferdinand, never did not find him as a bad kid but he never paid attention to him due to him being to distracted with Franz Nacht and his slave plantation. He eventually enrolled Pip into private instruction with the town druid, age 89, Florence. Florence was the most fatherly figure to Pip in his early childhood up to his pre-teens and was teaching him well. One day though, Franz Nacht had took it to far and had killed one of the slaves who had admitted to Po that Franz Nacht had beaten them nearly to death and lied about it. Franz Nacht had run away from home leaving a furious father and a brother behind. Po was enraged and wanted Pip to track him down and to go on an adventure, never to return without his brother at age 13. Many days had passed and Pip had found his new faithful companion, Kuma the bear and was now being held voluntarily by an orc tribe who claimed that Franz Nacht was one of their own. When Franz Nacht returned he boasted burning down the farm and freeing the orc slaves. Blind in anger Pip cried and ran away momentarily to re-collect his thoughts. He returned to find Franz Nacht at a bar and demanded he give an apology and return home. He instantaneously refused. Pip was trying to think what to say when suddenly a charismatic Lawrence Petruchio budged into the ordeal and stopped it. Pip knew he could not return home to his father or he would be punished severely. He was then recruited into Lawrence Petruchio‘s small time group of wandering adventurer’s along with a paladin named Johan Kaser and his brother Franz Nacht; Pip had found his place. Even though almost all of the other member’s are rambunctious and eager to sin, Pip is more subtle and tries to avoid situations which involve drinking, sexual contact, or drug abuse.Since traveling with The Phoenix Crusaders for such a long time he is null to watching his brother drink and sexually flirt with women; even though he disapproves of it, he will mostly try to talk you out of it should you abuse it to much. Pip tries his hardest to look for the good of the heart in people, nevertheless he is not quite battle hardened though due to being at such a young age of 14. In his free time he loves trying to socialize with his brother, playing with his bear, telling stories of the valley, and making sure everyone is having a good time.