Eolf Kramkoth


Eolf is the son of Annelie and Dietrich Kramkoth. He was born into a group of Nomadic Notherners known as the Geist Nomads. Ever since Eolf was young he has proved himself a brutal and fearless opponent in battle. His people have grown to respect his unconventional and sometimes unethical methods of combat, as he is known to use anything and everything in his proximity as a weapon against his enemies. Eolf is also known throughout the nomadic tribe to possess below average intelligence(even for a barbarian). But if you look past all of Eolf’s Brawn and lack of brainpower you will find a happy and carefree personality. The Geist Nomads have come to respect Eolf for who he is and his capabilities in combat. Eolf’s father, Dietrich Kramkoth, died of an unknown disease when Eolf was still an infant. Because of this Eolf has always looked to Haan the Chief of the Geist Nomads as a father figure and strives to be more like him. Haan grew fond of Eolf as he was very accepting of any and all orders given to him, he could also accomplish tasks that required great physical strength. Eolf’s mother, Annelie Kramkoth, is the cook for the Geist Nomads and Eolf often helps assist her in the gathering, preparation, and cooking of the food.

Eolf lived peacefully among his fellow Nomads for 25 years until one day a group of outsiders came into contact with the Geist Nomads. Lawrence, the leader of the group, had challenged Haan to a duel. In this duel Haan nearly kills Lawrence and afterwards the group of outsiders is taken captive by the Geist Nomads. While in captivity the outsiders escaped but Eolf seized Lawrence before he could join them in fleeing(not that Lawrence wanted to). Eolf refused to let Lawrence go as Eolf had longed for a new friend. Lawrence quickly took note of Eolf’s stupidity and abused it to escape the nomad camp. Lawrence found a way to persuade Eolf to leave his nomads behind follow him instead.