Edmond Burlap


Edmond Burlap was living in his mountain cabin under the protection of a number of bodyguards. The Phoenix Crusaders were hired to destroy a group called the Burlap Bandits and were led to Edmond Burlap’s Estate. After dispatching the guards The Phoenix Crusaders captured Edmond and held him for some time, Lawrence Petruchio claimed Edmond was his apprentice, in what field his apprenticeship covered was never clarified. After several weeks, it was discovered that Edmond was in fact not the leader of a group named the Burlap Bandits, but rather his bodyguards adopted that name and committed crimes. At that moment, Lawrence Petruchio accepted Edmond as a full fledged member of The Phoenix Crusaders and Edmond was knighted on the spot.

Edmond is still bitter to The Phoenix Crusaders and keeps silent most of the time kept only by the presence of Lawrence Petruchio, who knows Edmond’s past. As a result, to most, his past is shrouded in mystery. Some of his previous statements have revealed that he is being chased by people involved in crime.

During a chaotic encounter Earl found the opportunity to flee from The Phoenix Crusaders. His whereabouts are currently unknown.