Archibald Rennings

Up and comming bard destined for fame.


He has demonstrated himself as being multi-talented, and outclassed Lawrence Petruchio in the performing arts.


Presumably Concord born, Archibald has been traveling Windstill to gain life experience. His talents far surpass most and he is quickly rising in fame. He has noted that he cares more about the people he entertains rather than anything he gains by doing so, this leads to a favorable opinion of him overall.

After he fled from a conversation with a governor of Concord, the group learned that he is a high noble of great value to the kingdom. However, he had at some point ran away. He was telling the governor that he was ready to return, but quickly caused a distraction and fled from the scene. He is most likely still traveling Windstill, and continuing about life as he normally has, eliding the aristocracy of Concord who so desperately desire his return.