The Phoenix Crusaders

Lawrence Petruchio

Johan Kaser
Edmond Burlap
Axel Steinway

The Phoenix Crusaders is a group formed by Lawrence Petruchio. Lawrence Petruchio announced that he and his followers were in the group within a tavern just outside of the forest, although, it was the first time that any of the crusaders had heard of it.

The group claims to be dedicated to fighting good, though it is assumed that it is meant as “fighting for good.” It is tradition that all members are knighted by Lawrence Petruchio, however only two member have actually been knighted. The emblem of The Phoenix Crusaders depicts a star inside of a circle with the face of Lawrence Petruchio inside of the star, as well as curved text at the top and bottom respectively reading “The Phoenix Crusaders” “Led by Lawrence Petruchio.”

The Phoenix Crusaders

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